Jordyn Wieber

Jordyn Weiber has like 1000 metals


Jordyn Wieber is in the United States gymnastics team.She was in the Olympics in 2011-2012.When she was little she started wining all her meets .Then she got into the next level.she was in the 7-8 year old team.


Jordyn Wieber was born in July.She was born on the 12th.on 1995.She used to live in Dewitt Michigan.She started when she was 4.

how she got into her sport

When she was just young she started.She started getting first a lot.So that made her to move on to her dreams.Finley at level 10 she qualified for the Olympics.Then she and her team got 1st.

What she is known for

Jordyn Wieber was the 1st USA women's member to hail from Michigan.She started winning 1st at all her meets.She loves vault.Vault is her best event.

Extras :)

Jordyn Wieber is 20.She will be 21 in 7 months. She loves dogs.Dogs love her.She lives in Dewitt.
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