Do You Have A Yeast Infection?

Read the Symptoms and determine for Yourself

If you think you have a rash think again, you may have a yeast infection

Yeast infection is a sexually transmitted disease that can grow in the mouth, genitals, and skin; however you can get it without having sex. AND YES MEN CAN GET YEAST INFECTIONS! It may appear as a rash if on the skin, or a sore throat in the mouth but their are key differences that you must be able to locate. If you think you may have a yeast infection that looks similar to the pictures or symptoms below go see your doctor immediately. A yeast infection is a curable fungus that can be handled with by prescribed medicine. While seemingly harmless it can become fatal if left alone.


1)White spots inside the mouth and on the tongue

2)Redness or discomfort in the mouth area

3)Sore throat and difficulty swallowing

4)Cracking at corners of the mouth where your lips meet

5)Itching on Genital Area

6)White Discharge from genital area (May look like cottage cheese)

7)Burning during urination

8)Pain during sexual intercourse