Rage is a Blood-Red Knife

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Rage is a Blood-Red Knife

Rage is a blood- red knife

It pushes into your back until you can't stand the pain

You let it out

Like the blood that flows from your wound

Drip, drop, gush, and flows

It never slows

Rage is a Blood- red knife

And sometimes it pushes you to do things

You never would have done if you were happy

It's the sweet, seductively tempting voice whispering to your insides

Do it! Do it! Do it! DO IT!!!!!

And it never quits, it just gets louder

until you finally can't take the ripping of your intestines

and all you can do is submit to the torture

And this hurts the worst, like stepping on the broken glass of your dreams

Rage is a Blood- red knife

You can never forget

That moment you either screamed

Or did something you regretted

Or that horrible outburst

That everyone saw

Rage is having blush red cheeks

That embarrassment that swells within, like a tornado in your chest cavity

From doing something stupid

In order to get that anger out

Because yelling didn't control it

Rage is a horrible thing to keep in

It can destroy your life, like a hail storm in a garden

If it is bottled up for too long...

So just let it go and flow, like a river of bad pasts