Racial Bias in Education

By: Melanie Huckins

What is racial bias?

Dictionary definition is a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasonable hostile feelings or opinions about a social group; prejudice:

Main Issue

Many students are stereotyped by their race and their intelligence level, which in fact have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Weird.

Is this really politically correct?

Sadly, in today's society, it is. On standardized tests, the section of the test where you choose your race could make someone uncomfortable. I believe that the section was created to maybe create a stereotype for the grader of the test, before the individual actually grades it. In reality, it should not matter the race. I do not really understand why there is even a section to choose your race.
Big image
Humor is to portray the topic of racial differences in order to not make it seem as serious, as it is. The image is saying how the stereotypical black male student is not as intelligent as the white male student.

Should this racial bias be in schools of so much diversity?

Standardized test scores often stereotype a student based on what box they check off in the “race” portion of the test. A white student is expected to get higher scores than a black student because of the racial bias in this country. Color doesn’t matter when it comes to intelligence. Humor in images, shows how race just gives people something to talk about and make up untrue stereotypes about students. Articles explaining examples of racial upper hand regarding race really exemplifies the problem we have in the US with the education system. Racial differences are no secret to society because racism is everywhere. At school, at the grocery store, in your backyard. Everywhere. Living without it wouldn’t be the US.