The Marine Biome

By: Levi Cline

Where can you find the marine biome?

You can find the marine biome near and in oceans, and other saltwater regions. The marine biome makes up 70% of the earth.

What is the climate like in your biome?

The climate in the marine biome can range from very cold (-40°F) to very hot (120°F+). Most of the time it is very humid, and there is a lot of rain (50-125 cm per year)

What kind of animals can be found in the marine biome?

In the marine biome, many animals can be found. These animals range from turtles to fish. Most animals in this biome are water breathers but many are amphibians, which mean they can live in water or on land.

What kind of plants can be found in the marine biome?

In the marine biome, a variety of plants can be found, anywhere from kelp, to seaweed. In the ocean, most plants are found deep in the ocean.

What kinds of environmental challenges do the organisms need to overcome to be successful in the marine biome?

In the ocean, most organisms face the dangers of ocean trash. Ocean trash is plastic that has gathered in the ocean. Many animals mistake it for food, and the plastic can harm many endangered species.

What are some adaptations that have evolved in organisms in the marine biome?

In the marine biome many organisms have been forced to adapt to the conditions in the environment. For example, turtles have learned to swim, and fish developed gills. These adaptations allow survival to be easier for these organisms.

More facts about the marine biome

  • It covers 70% of the earth.
  • It is the largest ecosystem on earth.
  • It is home to many highly endangered species
  • It consists mostly of water.