sampling and bit rate



sampling is when the computer takes samples of the audio at certain points during the audio. It is measured in hertz. the more samples taken per second the better the quality of the recoding and the bigger the file size. If only a few samples are taken the quality will be poor but the file size will be poor. The time of the different sampling is represented by the upwards line on the graph

Bit rate

Bit rate is the amount of bits sampled per second. It is measured in kbps(kila bytes per second). The higher the bit rate the more size and the quality is much better. If only a small amount of bits are sampled per second the quality will be poor with a low file size.

how can audio be turned into binary

The computer turns what it is recording from an analogue to a digital signal and then converts that into binary. to play the recoding it reverse this process. If the the bit and sampling rate is high then the recording is going to be very high quality because the binary is going to have more bits and be more accurate. The audio is recorded in the bits recorded during the recording and and is then brought together into binary.