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Shape the Immigration Narrative

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The program gives Long Island high school teachers free educational materials about immigration law and policy and pairs them with volunteers who are immigration lawyers. Together the teacher/lawyer teams co-teach at least two classroom lessons and then help students find their point of view in the production of student created materials that connect to what they have learned about immigration law and policy.

Six years and growing to meet the needs of local communities: be a part of a program designed by teachers for teachers that educates and shapes the immigrant narrative on Long Island!

To be considered, please complete the application by September 10th!

Download the application by clicking here! Read a the projects full description and expectations by clicking here. Please note a supervisor and principal must also sign. It can be returned via email or fax as indicated on the application.

What You'll Get

  • Free teaching materials about immigration law and policy
  • A partner from the legal community who specializes in immigration law
  • In-person training and on-going technical assistance from former classroom teachers with expertise in curriculum design, program implementation, and training.
  • Collaboration in person and online with other teachers across Long Island who are also serving immigrant student populations and/or have a strong interest in teaching about immigration critically and factually.
  • If necessary, a stipend of up to $500 per school to offset some or all of the costs associated with planning and implementing of student projects. (Must complete a formal request to be considered for this funding).
  • Leadership opportunities for teachers and selected students that may arise including panels, webinars, and other compensated events.
  • The chance to shape the immigration narrative in your community and be on the front and cutting edge of an exciting and important project that is expected to go to scale nationwide in the coming years!
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What We're Looking For

The project is looking for teachers who are committed to:

  • Co-teach at least two classroom lessons about immigration law and/or policy
  • Guide their students in the design, creation and sharing of student produced materials related to immigration. The project should be student-centered, student-driven, reflective and should tie to the curriculum.
  • Partner with an immigration lawyer to deliver the lessons and attend a daylong student forum
  • Attend an on-line training and follow-up conference calls if needed and attend Student Forum in Fall 2015 (Monday, October 26).
  • Communicate with project staff and their attorney partner in a timely manner
  • Administer a simple, anonymous, computer-based survey of students before and after they participate in the project. (The survey includes about ten questions and it mostly multiple choice.)
  • Agree to respond to possible -- but occasional -- media inquiries about the project
  • Provide feedback to the project staff, especially at the completion of the school year.

Immigrants (the foreign-born) account for more than 1 in 5 New Yorkers—and more than half of them are U.S. citizens eligible to vote.New York’s immigrants are responsible for $229 billion in economic output.

Interactive Immigration Timeline

An interactive immigration timeline created by HSTRY

We Are the American Immigration Council Education Team

We are two former teachers in a non profit, non-partisan organization that strives to promote a better understanding of immigrants and immigration by providing educational resources that inspire thoughtful dialogue, creative teaching and critical thinking. Dedicated to the American values of fairness, social justice and respect for all people, the Council is committed to making immigration an “everybody issue.” The Council also highlights the positive contributions immigrants have made and continue to make to American society through its programmatic work. See our website for lessons plans, resources, and teacher grants and read our blog at teachimmigration.blogspot.com. Our main website is located at www.communityeducationcenter.org Email us to join our educator list for more free resources!