KMS Band

2013-2014 Beginner Trombones

Now what?

Now that you know that your student will be learning trombone in the fall, you can begin taking the following steps:

1) Visit one of the music stores listed at the bottom, and rent-to-own the recommended trombone and required instrument supplies:

  • Yamaha YSL-354 Trombone & Bach 6 ½ AL mouthpiece
  • Cleaning snake, slide cream, mouthpiece brush, small spray bottle
  • Chromatic tuner/metronome
  • Essential Elements 2000 books 1 for Trombone (Yellow Border)
  • Essential Elements 2000 books 2 for Trombone (Red Border)

2) Visit any school supplies store and obtain the following classroom materials:

  • 1.5 – 2 inch three ring binder with pockets for use in band class only
  • 10 or more sheet protectors
  • Pencils