Art Class Safety

How to use sharpie safety


1. Everyone needs to listen to instructions.

2.Ask for permission and help when needed.

3. Only eat and drink when room is safe.

4.No goofing off or playing around.

5. Do not mouth your materials.

6. Keep art away from your face.


2 sheets of paper one under the other so it does not belled when you are using sharpies so it don't bleed through and get everywhere.

If you want to you can bring germ-x so if it gets on your hands or on a table this will help it come off.You could bring water to use it as almost like water paint but its with sharpie instead of paint.

Sharpies may seem fun but did you no they are really dangerous too.

How are sharpies dangerous?

1. Smelling a sharpie could damage your brain and your sense.

2.Some could be allergic to the ingredients that is in sharpie so don't write on skin and it could give you ink poison.

3. If sharpie gets in your eye its could blind you in one eye even if you draw close to your eye.

DIY Sharpie Watercolor Painting ((with alcohol)) - Galaxy, Tie Dye, & More.

Safety with sharpies.

1. Keep sharpies away from your face could hit the eye.

2. Please try not to draw on your self you could get ink poison if you have sensitive skin or if your allergic to something in the sharpie.

3. DO NOT smell the sharpie could damage your brain cells.

4. DO NOT put the sharpie in mouth this could burn or kill you because of whats in the sharpie.

5.No playing around.