Good ideas do not always succeed.

Representative Democracy sounds great, but in all honesty: It's always an extreme.

It is either an Oligarchy or Anarchy, depending on what aspect you are looking at.

The concept of "Popular Sovereignty" is not carried out well. We can't just say: "We don't like Obama anymore", and he will just step down from being the President.

Democracy ≠ Freedom.

Democracy often forces people to participate in government affairs.

Especially DIRECT DEMOCRACY. Direct Democracy is where everyone votes on everything and there are no representatives or presidents. That sounds like freedom, but in truth it is being forced to do everything government related, including skipping your job just to vote or do jury duty.

10 Reasons Why Democracy Doesn't Work

Veto the people.

What branch of government represents us? The Legislative Branch. Why is this important? It is the only branch the president can veto, therefore silencing the only voice representing the people in the government. The president can silence us as he pleases.

The constitution can be amended as pleased.

Just think about that...

Declaration of Independence.

On July 4, 1776, we became America, a newly born democracy. Our constitution guided the government and laid down the laws of the land. Politicians know how to

"Re-interperit" our freedoms to take them away or limit them.

Monarchs, Dictators, Presidents, All the same to me.

The president can declare war, take our money, put us into debt, silence our representatives, raise taxes, and veto bills that give freedoms. Tell me that when worded like that, it doesn't sound like a dictatorship...

We the people...