Book Week 2014

'Let's Connect-What are you reading?'

Schedule of events

8:00am Book Fair opens in St Paul's 3

9:00am-10:00am T-6 Book Week Parade in St Paul's Area, lead by Pipes & Drums. Year 9 students to push Grade Wheelbarrows in parade. Each class will be given a large laminated puzzle piece to velcro onto provided display board at completion of their parade circuit. Collaborative puzzle will be completed by the last parading class. Puzzle promotes theme, 'Let's connect.'

10:00am- 10:45am (Extended recess) Students visit Book Fair & Picnic Recess with Parents in St Thomas & St Paul's area's set up with Picnic mat & books to read with parents during recess. Tea & coffee will be available from the Canteen.

11:00am- 12:00pm Parents depart. Students return to their classes (in class groups) & participate in a variety of activities.

* 40min teacher prepared activity (class or grade activity organised by classroom teachers)

* 20min visit to Culinary creations in MC-01 (Music room), Wheelbarrow display (outside MC-01) and Book Fair (St Paul's 3). A schedule will be provided.

12:00pm Students permitted to change into School Sports uniform. Lessons resume to normal for the remainder of the day.

Parade Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows will be decorated as a grades. Wheelbarrows will be provided to each Stage on Friday Week 3. The decorated wheelbarrows on Book week day will be wheeled in by Year 9 students. After the Parade they will be left on Display outside MC-01 for viewing when visiting Culinary Creations. Please discuss the Book Week theme/ book ideas and decorate with students. Please speak to members of the Book Week Committee if you need any assistance or clarification. Click on the following link to gain some inspiration:
Connect With A Book!

Classroom Activity Idea's

Classroom Activity Idea's

Mrs Mac provides an extensive list and live links for activities based around the theme, 'Let's Connect' and the Children's Council of Australia shortlisted books 2014. Along with links to other Librarian's sites eg. Mrs B's Interactive Literacy (Providing IWB activities).

Access through the following link:

Book Week Committee 2014

We are looking forward to a wonderful day of promoting the joy of reading to our students. Any questions or feedback are most welcome.