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February 1, 2019

A Note From Mrs. Donnell

We celebrated God’s graciousness in providing through His people at the Mortgage Burning Party last weekend! Thank you for all who attended and contributed in paying off the outstanding building debt. It was a great time of worshiping the Lord and highlighting what He is doing at CCS. One CCS parent, Todd Thompson shared what the school has meant to him as a parent and to their family. Here is a brief summary of what he shared.

“One of the things that has made a tremendous impact on my family and the school in general is that CCS has prioritized Christ. I’m specifically talking about an emphasis on discipleship and equipping students. Most places - even some private Christian schools - have gone the route of prioritizing athletics or academics. They want to be a prep school or focus on having ultra competitive athletic programs. I’ve seen this over and over and it just doesn’t work when God is sidelined. When Christ is put first, it honors Him and the other two areas follow. One of the administrators made the comment that our students are ‘Christian student athletes’ - in that order. It shows the priority of the school.

As a parent, thinking through the time economics, my kids will spend 35 hours a week in the walls of a school. It is often more time than they spend with me during their waking hours, way more than they spend in church and youth group. I want a place that partners with me and the church in discipling my kids toward Christ. I can’t seed that responsibility out to just anyone because the Lord has given it to parents. We have an adversary who is after the hearts and minds of our kids - and that is where the “family” atmosphere at CCS has also made such an impact. I love knowing the families at CCS are all in this together. Everyone supports each other. We pray with and for one other. We work together and dig in and help each other out.

The teachers and administrators at CCS are there because they feel God has called them there. This isn’t a career for them - it’s the mission field. It takes a unique person to do what they do day in and day out with passion and purpose. It shows in the level of care and in what they deliver.

Biblically, I know the Lord has charged us as parents in raising our kids according to His ways. The next largest time influence in their life is school. I’m thankful for CCS coming alongside us in that discipleship and training while equipping them for whatever God has planned for their future.”

The staff at CCS is very grateful for the opportunity to share God’s love in our own mission field. CCS is so blessed and excited to see what God has in store for us in the future and we are amazed to see how many people worked so hard for many years to provide the funding for the elementary building. Now we simply pray for God to guide us as we continue to spread His message and work to build these young people up for God’s glory.


Mrs. Donnell

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Re-enrollment time for all students at CCS

Dear Crusader Families,

Early enrollment begins February 1st - for both current and future families! Current families who enroll or re-enroll during the month of February will receive priority placement. Forms will be sent home with your child and are also attached to this email.

Benefits of Early Enrollment (February 1-28, 2019)

  • Lock in 2018-19 tuition rates. (Rate increases March 1st)

  • Discounted Enrollment Fee ($150/child or $200/family)

  • Secure a spot in your child’s class

For current 5th grade families curious what it’s like to attend CCS for middle school or 8th grade families curious about CCS high school, we invite you to continue to ask questions, schedule a private tour or shadow during a school day. Please take advantage of the resources on: This site can provide answers to questions you may not know or think to ask.

Our next Open House for Preschool-12th is Thursday, April 18th. Please share this with your family and friends who may be interested in seeing what God is doing here!

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Virtual eLearning Day Procedures/Practices

What is a Virtual eLearning Day?

Students will not report to school due to inclement weather, but will engage in learning activities using digital resources.

Why is Columbus Christian School using eLearning to make up for cancelled inclement weather days?

The primary objective is to maintain the momentum of learning. Virtual eLearning Days allow student to minimize the interruptions caused by inclement weather days and continue to make educational progress.

How and when will students and parents know if an eLearning Day will take place?

Inclement weather cancellations and announcements of a Virtual eLearning Day will be relayed through the school’s notification systems. RenWeb, social media and local TV/radio stations.

How will students be informed about assignments during an eLearning Day?

Parents and students should become familiar with the Google Classroom login procedures. All teachers will post contact information and homework assignments on Google Classroom by 9:00 am on a Virtual eLearning Day, and will be available for online communication from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

How much time is the student expected to work online during the eLearning Day?

No minimum or maximum amount of time is expected. Students should complete their work carefully, using the amount of time that is appropriate for them and within the guidelines determined by the assigning teacher.

When will class assignments be due?

Assignments should be completed as assigned by the teacher. If the student has issues completing the work by the assigned time, they must report their issues to the assigning teacher. If the issues (connectivity, power outage etc.) are reported to the teacher then the student has two (2) days after we return to school to turn in the assignments.

What if students do not complete their Virtual eLearning assignments?

Assignments not completed by the assigned deadline will be recorded as a zero in the gradebook and students with incomplete eLearning assignments will be charged with an unexcused absence for a partial or full day unless issues occur and are reported to the assigning teacher.

How will eLearning be monitored and counted for attendance?

Accountability for students will rely on assessment of work. Teachers will assess the student’s work and determine if the student has met the instructional goals for the day. The actual amount of time online is less important than the work produced and/or created by the student to demonstrate learning and mastery of learning targets.

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21st Century Scholar Program

For students in the 7th and 8th grade.

The 21st Century Scholars Program “provides students up to four years of undergraduate tuition at any participating public college or university in Indiana. If you attend a private college, the state will award an amount comparable to that of a four-year public college. If you attend a participating proprietary (for-profit) school, the state will award a tuition scholarship equal to that of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.”

For specific program requirements, visit the home page of their website:

For specific eligibility requirements, visit the application page of their website:

To apply online, go to this link:

If you are unable to apply online for whatever reason, Mrs. Cox can do it for you. In order for that to happen, you must complete and submit the Scholar Enrollment Worksheet (found here: Turn this in NO LATER than Friday, May 3, 2019.

Note: All eligible students must submit their application by June 30 of a student’s 8th-grade year.

College might seem “far away” at this point in time, but planning NOW can save you LOTS of money later! We would love for each of our eligible students to take advantage of this generous opportunity.

Mrs. Cox will be presenting this information to 7th and 8th grade students in their homeroom where they will be given a hard copy of the Scholar Enrollment Worksheet.

For more information, contact Mrs. Laura Cox, School Guidance Counselor at

Senior Class of 2019 Fundraiser - Thirty-One bags

The senior class is selling Thirty-One bags to raise money for their senior trip. Each bag costs $40 (including tax and shipping) and there are 24 designs to pick from. For each bag sold, the senior class receives $15. Last day to order is February 15. See any of the seniors to purchase your tote bags. For more information, email the seniors at:
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PTF has a private Facebook page Christian School PTF - Columbus, IN

Join the private PTF page to stay up to date on behind-the-scenes happenings at CCS.

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2019 Christian Cheerleaders of America Classic Competition

Come support our Varsity, Elementary & Mini cheerleaders here at Columbus Christian School on February 2nd, 8:00AM - 4:30PM.

Concessions help is needed for this event. Please email Darrell Polley at if you are able to help during this event.

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Weekly Athletic Schedule

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Who's Ready For Summer Sports?

Softball and Baseball sign up is in the office for 7th-12th grade.

Get the CCS Athletic Schedule delivered right to your phone!

It's easy and it's FREE!

Get instructions here: How to sign up for Eventlink.


Please double check your time zone that is selected in your profile.

  1. Go to your calendar and hover your mouse over your name
  2. When the drop down box appears, click on “Manage Profile”
  3. Check the time zone box and make sure it is set on Eastern and not Central
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Athletic Parents - sign up for concessions and admissions

Concession Volunteers – An important function that helps fulfill the athletic programs financial need is the selling of concessions at all home athletic events. Parents will be asked to volunteer to work the concession booth for home athletic events on specifically assigned dates. Again, after rosters are set, a list will be published for parents to assist in this endeavor. All efforts will be made so that no parent works during his/her student’s game.

Parent Participation Requirement: Parents should sign up for to help 4 times per basketball season and 2 times during soccer and volleyball for set up, clean up, concession and/or admissions and 1 Track or Stadium date. For any parent that does not sign up they will be assigned times to work that are not during your students games. If you need to switch there will be a master list with contact information and you can switch with someone. If hours are not fulfilled by participating students there will be an additional $200.00 fee. Each event served is equivalent to $40.00. The binder is located in the office.

Rally's Hot Dogs

Are you enjoying the hot dogs at the CCS concessions? Thank you to Rally's for donating those yummy hot dogs!
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If you have a concern or issue at CCS do you know how to resolve it?

Refer to page 9 in 2018-2019 Parent/Student Handbook under the heading: MATTHEW 18 - ARBITRATION POLICY FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

The handbook is always available on this e-newsletter on the "School Documents & Forms" button and also on the school website: under "School Information".

● STEP 1: Go to the person involved and in a respectful manner ask questions about the situation or concern. (Parent to parent, teacher to teacher, student to student, teacher to parent, parent to teacher etc.) Use this information to make an informed assessment and to maintain an open dialogue with that person about your views. The hope is to mutually find resolution at this level. If the issue is not resolved, go to next step.

● STEP 2: Go to an Administrator of the school. (Administrator, Teacher and Parent or Administrator, Teacher, Teacher, etc.) If the issue is not resolved, go to next step.

● STEP 3: Request a hearing with the School Board.

How's the transition going?

We are so grateful that you chose CCS for your family and we care about your transition this school year. Here are a couple of articles from families that have transitioned from both the public school setting and homeschool setting to CCS. They have graciously shared their honest advice about their transition to CCS. Take a look and see if it will help you in your transition. If you have any questions, please know that you can email Mr. Wildey at or Mrs. Donnell at They would love to hear from you!

Reduce your school tuition for 2019-20

Learn how you can reduce your school tuition for 2019-20 by ordering gift cards through CCS.

If you do any of the following:

  • purchase gas, food, clothing
  • eat out
  • shop
  • purchase gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • go on Vacations
  • work on your car and purchase parts
  • purchase materials or tools for big home improvement projects

It's really simple. All you do is purchase gift cards (called SCRIP cards) through CCS. Order through the office by Tuesday mornings or order SCRIP online...anytime! Call Tammy Harvey, Financial Secretary at (812) 372-3780 to get the enrollment code for ordering online. Start saving on next years tuition today!

Click here to learn more about the program.

Do you have pictures to share?

CCS is looking for pictures of field trips, athletic games, extra curricular activities, etc. to put into the yearbook. Please send your pictures to
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School Documents & Forms

2018-19 Year Calendar, FAQ Sheet, Volunteer Background Check, Family Covenant, Internet & Electronic Device User Agreement, Student Handbook, eLearning info and more.

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Important Dates

Valentine's Day Sale

February 7-13

Mid Term Ends

Friday, February 8

2 HR Delay for Staff Development

Tuesday, February 12

CCS Board Meeting

Thursday, February 14 / 6:30PM

PTF Quarterly Meeting

Thursday, February 21 / 3:30PM

ISTEP Testing

March 4-8

End of Nine Weeks

Friday, March 8

Spring Break

March 11-22

IREAD 3 Testing

March 25-29

Report Cards Go Home

Tuesday, March 6

CCS History Day (8th-11th grades)

Friday, April 5

CCS Drama Program

April 5 & 6

ISTEP Testing

April 8-12

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photo credit: Michaela S., CCS student

Rollerskating Fun

Thank you, PTF Leadership, for the fun skating event!
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Hilltop Junior Winter Retreat: Grades 3-5

February 22-23

$15 if registered by 1/15

$20 if registered after 1/15

Download registration form below or register online at:

For more information: 812-988-4991

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The Amazing Chemistry Show

Sunday, February 17 / 2:00-5:00pm

If you are between the ages of 1-101, you will enjoy The Amazing Chemistry Show & Family Experience. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join you.

2:00-4:00pm Family Experience - Explore over 150 science experiences with your family featuring: rockets, magnets, electricity, slime and more!

4:00-5:00pm The Amazing Chemistry Show - Be amazed and entertained by explosions, foam, liquid nitrogen and glow in the dark fun that will captivate adults and kids alike while Josh Denhart shares the love God has for them.

For more information, contact First Christian Church at 812-379-4491 or view the information on their website at:

Community Church of Columbus

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Check out the Parent Resources available on the CCS website

Check out more resources for parents at:
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Free Resource

Download our 2019 Parents' Guide to Technology to help your family make wise decisions about smart phones, social media, the Internet, and more.
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Better Together

For further information: or 812-348-6257.

Columbus Railroad Project

CCS families traveling from the West side of Columbus may find this helpful. The Columbus Railroad Project has a status link you can download to your phone. The status box will change when a long train has been detected at County Road 950 South, indicating that there may be an upcoming traffic backup at SR 46 West. See the picture below to understand how this works.

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CCS Verse of the Week

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