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March 22 2016

Good Day,

Happy official Spring!

Global Health News

Puerto Rico is preparing for the Zika Virus hitting the island. A quarter of the island’s 3.5 million people will probably get the Zika virus within a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and eventually 80 percent or more may be infected. The government operates dozens of mother-and-child nutrition clinics, which are used by more than 90 percent of pregnant women. Clinic staff members are calling pregnant clients, inviting them to attend 20-minute lectures about the Zika virus. About 5,000 women have already attended.
In April last year, there were 18,452 Indian villages without electricity. In the past few months, that number has fallen to 12,100 under a flagship program launched by the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. This is a story about bringing light to Hotasar, Rajasthan.
The Department for International Development (DfID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have signed a partnership aimed at using research, technological innovation and knowledge-sharing to transform the lives of the poorest people.
A US government agency is trying to build a better biofuel, using a higher energy-producing plant with a lower environmental impact than corn ethanol or other known biofuels. Sorghum, a food and forage crop widely grown in Africa and Central America which has tens of thousands of varieties, has emerged as one of the most exciting prospects. The ultimate goal is to develop an alternative to corn ethanol, which demands heavy investment in water and fertiliser and takes premium farm land out of food production. A US government study in 2014 found corn ethanol was worse for global warming than gasoline under some circumstances. Sorghum has relatively high energy potential without demanding too much in the way of fertilizer, land or soil.

burundi in the headlines

So far 47 detainees were released this past week in Burundi, and the government has taken steps to ensure that one fully independent radio station can operate, but the U.N. human rights chief says a second station that reopened is not independent.

Sadly, multiple village heads and local officials were gunned down this week in the continuing violence.

On a happier note - Diane Nukuri of Burundi won third place in NYC's half marathon this weekend!
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Here's a cool picture of the Spring equinox on Sunday.

Have a lovely week, and see you Thursday.