Satire Box

By: Baylee Streit

Definition of Satire

The use of humor to make fun of people/things in order to expose or criticize them.
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What is Saturday Night Live Satirizing?

Saturday Night live makes fun of current political issues, popular celebrities, and current fads in the american society. For example in this picture SNL is making fun of the political campaign between three of the top running candidates. They dressed up as them and set up a fake debate.
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The iPhone 6 (Parody) Ad: A Taller Change

Iphone 6 Parody

This video helps me understand satire. Inside the video it makes fun of apple and the iPhones by creating a massively large iPhone. The video is using exaggeration and parody techniques.
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Uncle Sam's Disapproval

In this hand made political cartoon it makes fun of the fact that the political parties act like children. It shows uncle sam being shocked about the so called "children" are running the system.