For Sale-Land in Delaware

Price- €10 per acre


Delaware has many opportunities for profit because of its fertile soil and plenty of cash crops like tobacco, corn, and wheat.

Joint-Stock Colony

There is plenty of money that can be made out of cash crops. Invest in Delaware now.
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Climate in Delaware

It is 53 degrees Fahrenheit in spring, 57 degrees Fahrenheit in fall, 74 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 34 degrees Fahrenheit in winter.

The Economy

Delaware has free and slave systems of labor

The Natives

We live in coexistence with the Natives as of now.


The upper class children can go to school but if you cant afford it you are home-schooled.

Your responsibilities

Women have to do their house work such as cleaning and making clothes and taught the children at home.

Men are going to be the head of the house and deal with community affairs.

The Government

The governor leads and has an assembly. If you own land you get to vote.


In Delaware it does not matter what religion you practice it is very tolerable here.