Located on the continent of South America

Fun Facts

Capital: Sucre

Population: 10,067,000

Currency: Bolivian

Languages: Spanish and Portuguese


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Andean Music

Salar de Uyuni

It is the world's largest salt flat with a measurement of 10,582 km squared. It also has very little wild life but has 80 species of visiting and migrating birds, including 3 species of flamingos, as well of few islands, where the main foliage is cacti, as well as hot springs geysers.
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Important Citizen

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This is Bolivia's president he is loyal and kind.

Things that Bolivia special

#1. One thing that makes Bolivia special is Lake Titicaca. It takes 6 hours to cross it. It's in between the border of Peru and Bolivia.

#2. Bolivia is one of the wettest places on Earth. They can get up to 8 meters of water per year!

#3. Bolivia is the number one country of Earth certified for most number of tropical rainforests!

#4. It contains 40% of all animal and plant life in the world!

Popular Sport

A popular sport of Bolivia is soccer.

Fabulous Food

A common food of Bolivia is pastelitos.