The Black Shadow

Garrett Edson Editor-in-Chief

Behind the door

The muckrakers would go and see if everything was up to code and if it wasn't your business or housing development could get shut down or they could just give you a big fine. Some reasons they would do them things would be if they didn't have indoor plumbing or if they didn't have lights.

I want you

The selective service act was made so that men between the age of 21-30 to register to be drafted into the armed forces. If they got the letter saying that they have to go because they have been drafted and if they don't go they will get arrested for not going to the armed forces.


Germany strikes again. They fight in the trenches and the Germans deploy poison gas and it eats away at the men body's and kills thousands in days and they cant do anything about it.

The land of the free

Some propaganda during world war one. One of the methods to get the word out was heat less Mondays. People thought if they gave up electricity for one day they could win the war because there would be more coal for them to send over to the men in the war in Europe.
  • Gilded age "For sale" The light bulb is a new invitation the light bulb is like a candle but instead of using a mach it uses a electricity to power it and light your house. The light bulb goes for about $1 each.
  • Gilded age "Wanted" The new Ford model T. The new Ford is like a horse but faster and can get you to point A to point B faster then any horse these cars are pretty cheap so about everyone that has money can afford them. These cars go for about $825
  • Progressive "Services" Some services that people would do is they would work at like a gas station and fill up your car with gas and air up your tiers and it cost how ever much gas was and if you wanted to tip the guys doing it.
  • WW1 "Wanted" The Military wanted machine guns they could shoot faster than any other rifle it took a few more men to use but it would do more then one man with a semiautomatic rifle or a bolt action rifle.
  • WW1 "Services" Some services during this time could have been children and women working in factories building guns and ammo and planes.
  • Roaring 20s "For sale" Things for sale during the roaring 20s were radios, vacuums and cars these things were very popular in the 20s people like these very fun things other than the vacuum.

The Great War

Germany takes over Belgium where the french come in and try to stop the Germans from going into France but the french are not doing so well. The French use old war tactics that just don't work with the modern weapons that Germany uses. Some weapons that Germany would use were machine guns that could kill hundreds in minutes. Another weapon there using is poison gas that will make a man cry this stuff would eat at the human body.

The Roaring 20s

In the 1920s some new things were the ford model T this ford was very successful not because it was like one of the only cars but because it was pretty cheap and allot of people could afford it. There was the invitation of the motion picture and one of the first animated films from Disney steam boat Willie.

The Big Bad Babe

Babe Ruth was born February 6, 1895 in Baltimore MD. He died on August 16,1948 in New York, NY. In his rookie year of baseball he Exceeded rookie limits during 1915 season. He played baseball for Yankees, RedSox and Braves 1914-1935. Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs in his whole career of baseball. He went to high school at

St. Mary's HS (Baltimore, MD).


Most of Kansas was sold to the US by France as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. The southwest corner was gained after the Mexican War. Lewis and Clark looked at the country along the Missouri River in 1804, and expeditions under the command of Zebulon Pike in 1806 and Stephen Long in 1819 traveled the land from east to west. Pike and Long were not impressed with the territory's dry soil, the latter calling the area "unfit for civilization, and of course uninhabitable by people depending on agriculture. Latter on they found that something that was good to grow there was weat.


When explorers came across the Mississippi and came into Iowa they thought it was the worst place to do anything with because it was all prairie grass and there were little to no trees so they thought it wasn't any good but little did they know that it has some of the best soil to grow grains like corn and other agricultural products and it has an abutment amount of deer.


Oregon is one very important state in U.S. history when we started exploring the west Oregon was the place that we went and tried to explore. Now a days Oregon is one of the leading states of exporting lumber and Oregon has 5 active volcanoes and one of the deepest lakes.


Vermont has things that people don't think about like how much granite they supply to to the rest of the united states. People think New Hampshire is the leading producer of granite and that's because its called the granite state. But it does not matter what its nickname is. Vermont is the leading producer in granite and it supplies Arlington national cemetery with most of its granite