Mate Attraction

How Do We Pick An Ideal Mate?

Attention! Volunteers Needed

A study is being conducted at Northcentral Technical College. This study is interested in how people choose partners. There is actually plenty of research on Mate Attraction but this research is based off statistics. There is little research on the stories behind these statistics.

This study is interested in real stories and real people. What are the actual thought processes people are having when picking a potential partner?

Who Is Needed For This Study?


Between the ages of 18-49 years.

There are no other requirements.

Researcher: Sam Buemi, NTC Instructor

When: Individual Arrangements will be made

What Is Involved & Where?

One 30-minute interview in a comfortable, quiet room on campus.

Important Notes

  • A 10$ Gift Card to a Kwik-Trip Gas Station will be awarded for your time.
  • Please call or email Sam Buemi if you are interested in being part of this innovative study.
  • The interview will be conducted and remain 100% Confidential.
  • The results will be shared with you upon completion of the study.

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