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July 23, 2021

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From the Head of School...

Dear Summit Community,

I hope you are all well and that your children are eager to get back to Summit for the 2021-22 school year. I am getting to know our amazing staff and each day I am more grateful for the opportunity to serve the Summit School Community.

You should have received your child's class list for grades K-8. All preschool lists are being finalized as we are still completing some registrations. Those will be sent out to families soon. Please contact the office if you did not receive a class list email.

For those who have reached out regarding optional masking, know that I have heard your concerns. Masks will remain optional. I strongly encourage masks for unvaccinated individuals, but Summit School will not require them unless mandated by the state or federal government. I hope you understand that this decision has been made in line with other schools in our area. Sanitization procedures and hygiene practices from 2020-21 will stay in place for additional protection.

While I understand that there are many opinions regarding masks and that the American Association of Pediatrics has made a recommendation, the decision has been made to proceed in this way. Please keep in mind that COVID is an ever-changing situation and requirements may change during the school year due to case numbers or mandates.

With regard to requests for virtual learning. Summit School will not be offering a full-time virtual option this year. Exceptions would include a classroom quarantine or a special medical need that requires a long-term absence. Education is at its best in a face to face setting.

Please know that the decisions being made regarding the upcoming school year are being made with great thought. We are committed to providing your family with an exceptional educational experience. I look forward to getting to meet you. Thank you again for all you do for Summit School.


Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

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Sixth Grade Sabrecat Day

Dear Sixth Grade Families,

We hope you are enjoying the summer break! Teachers are looking forward to welcoming students back to campus soon. Sixth grade is an exciting time, as your student will be beginning middle school at Summit.

We invite our incoming sixth grade students to join us on Tuesday, August 3rd, for a special Sabrecat Day. This event is especially for sixth graders prior to their first day of middle school. Your son or daughter will meet the middle school team of teachers, review their schedules for the year, participate in team building activities, and more. This student event is optional; however, we encourage attending if possible.

Join us for Sixth Grade Sabrecat Day!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 9:00-10:30 AM

Drop-off and pick-up at the front gate.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.


Amy Lecky

Summit School strongly recommends that unvaccinated individuals wear a mask while on campus.

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From the Assistant Head of School...

Dear families,

The wait is almost over and I am overjoyed to think about seeing all of our children and parents back at school. Many of us have used the phrase “getting back to normal” or “the new normal” as we prepare for the school year. I’d like us all to think a bit differently in our approach and focus on “familiar” as we pave the way ahead for our children.

Familiar routines, faces and events will remind our children that while much has changed in the last 18 months, there are so many wonderful, familiar things that touch our hearts and make us feel safe and secure. Many of us have traveled back to our hometowns to visit friends and family this summer. It might not be part of our “normal” in our daily lives here, but those familiar places and people ignite our spirits and remind us of the good in our lives that can never be taken away—not even by Covid.

We have lots of familiar events coming back into our daily routines this year. New Family Bingo Night on July 30th, Back to School Night on August 2nd and best of all—our First Day of School August 4th. Sound familiar? Of course they do! They never left us. These moments and so many more have just been waiting to reappear and remind us of the good that is our foundation. I look forward to all the familiar that is resurfacing here and the new staff and opportunities that will quickly find their way to our hearts and settle into their own precious place of familiar in our community.

With love for your children,

Andrea Benkel, M.Ed

Assistant Head of School

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