The drug, how it's taken, street names and more!

The Drug and its names :P

Meth is an extremely addictive drug that affects your psychological and physical state of mind. once used you are basically addicted. The drug destroys your body like any other drug and causes lots of aggression, heart and brain damage, and psychotic behavior. Some common slang names are; ice, glass, amp, blue belly, crank, crystal, speed, white cross, white crunch, agua, alffy, and 222. Meth can be taken by snorting, smoking, injection, and orally.

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Symptoms and ways to get help

Ways to find out if someone is abusing meth, are they aren't sleeping for long periods of time, they lose extreme amounts of weight, they lose their appetite, appear unusually active, and seem nervous and really anxious. If you are abusing Meth yourself please call the number 1-877-653-9087