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Newsletter Spring 2015

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Water Charges

Sinn Féin has consistently stood with the people in opposition to the water charges, instead proposing an improvement to the water infrastructure in an attempt to conserve the almost 40% of th of clean water lost through old leaky pipes before it gets to your house.

Sinn Féin propose the abolition of water charges, keeping €800 million in the pockets of ordinary people.


Sinn Féin see housing as a human right, however across the state and particularly in Dublin more and more people are becoming homeless. Sinn Féin have proposed a number of measures to combat homelessness and housing including allowing Local authorities more freedom in securing social housing and reestablishing the affordable housing scheme

Some Sinn Féin policies

  • Abolish property tax
  • Exempting workers who earn under €17,500 from USC
  • Build more social housing and introduce rent caps
  • Introduce a wealth tax of 1% on assets over €1million
  • Restore and reform capital gains tax to 40%

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