Vasco da Gama

Read to Discover how Vasco Sailed across the world

Aiden Kindle

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Early Life

He sailed July 8 1497 nearly 200 sailors walked through the streets of Portugal.The group was followed by town people.Small boats took the sailors to the big ships that they sail with. Vasco da Gama had the best maps for navigation.he was not a experienced sailor but he was a good leader people thought that since he was a good leader but why not a good sailor.

a nation of seafarers middle life

Portugal is a small country it was a poor country but it is one of the most powerful country in Europe.In 1179 a Christian leader forced the moors away from the area the Atlantic coast. In the year 1400 1 million people lived in Portugal. it started to be a really popular country. the people got in to a religious war.he was the first to Europe straight to India.

Exploring Africa ROUTE

He started out in Europe then when straight to India after that he decided to explore Africa. he stayed there for a while when he was in Africa he saw how poorly they were. Sothey helped them by helping them make huts and little houses and helped by helping them get some food but eventually they had to leave. Vasco da Gama and the crew said they would come back to visit after that they traveled to Asia after that people called them the Portuguese explores. They traveled back and fourth through the world to Asia then the United states.


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