My Chaparral

By: Elizabeth Holm

Precipitation and temperature

The chaparral only gets about 10-17 inches of rain each year, most of it comes in the winter. In the winter temperatures can get as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summers it can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soil composition

The soil in the chaparral is very nutrient poor. This leaves the soil nutrient poor and vulnerable to erosion. Once the soil is eroded away, either by wind or rain, the ground under soil is usually bare rock, very thin, or clay.

The first layer is serpentine, the second layer is non-serpentine soil, the third layer is vernal pools, the fourth layer is gabbro. A layer which is found only near rivers and steams is the allvial soil layer.

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Plants and animals

Some of the plants in the chaparral are blue oak, coyote brush and common sagebrush. Some of the animals in the chaparral are black-tailed jackrabbit, cactus wren, and golden jackal.