Wagner Act

1)What was this program intended to help: Employee Rights

2)What was this program intended to do: Established the national labor relations board and addressed relations between union and employers in the private sector.

3) Falls in the reform program which ref firmed labors rights to bargain for wages,hours,working conditions,to strike, and to arbitration of grievances

4)How successful do you believe this program was at relieving the economic crisis? Well it was successful, because it was able to form labor and collectively bargain to hold strikes

5)How does this program add to your understanding of the Great Depression?led to increase union membership and actions

6)Does this program still exist today? Yes, because it gives the rights to strike for better wages and conditions.

rights to bargain for wages, hours, and working conditions, to strike, and to arbitration of grievances.

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Supreme Court Approves Wagner Act
1)They received millions of letters from Americans about the Wagner Act

2)FDR is the only U.S. President to serve full term without the opportunity of appointing a single Supreme Court Justice

3)Despite favorable Wagner Act decisions, New Dealers continue their fight to create a safer Supreme Court majority