5th Grade Bump Day Coming Soon!

February 12 & 26

What is "Bump Day"?

In one week you will be enrolling your student for 2016-2017! Students are always excited about next year and usually at least a little nervous, too. 6th grade marks the beginning of your child's transition to Junior High in 7th grade and then High School. Higher academic expectations, greater responsibility, more movement between classes, new teachers, the addition of more athletic and music options are all coming soon. To help ease any concerns they might have, we created Bump Day.

Bump Day is a highlight for our students every spring! Bump Day is a time set aside each year for your student to experience first hand what school will be like next year. Our 5th grade students will spend part of a day with 6th grade classes so they can get to know their future teachers and what they can look forward to.

This year we have scheduled our 5th grade students for their Bump Day by class.

  • Mrs. Reed's class will Bump on Friday, February 12th
  • Mrs. Wilcoxen's class will Bump on Friday, February 26th

Your student will have a regular class day until 6th grade lunch time, which is at 11:35. At that time their teacher will escort them to lunch where they will sit with 6th graders to talk and ask questions about next year. They will then join the 6th graders in their period 5 & 6 classes (Bible, Language Arts, History or Science). Your student will return to their regular 5th grade class around 2 pm to finish their day.

If for some reason your student is not at school for their assigned Bump Day, we are happy to arrange another chance for your child to shadow in 6th grade. Just contact Mrs. Morgan in admissions to make those arrangements. Please contact Mrs. Kanzler if you have any questions about Bump Day.

Thank you for choosing Traders Point Christian Schools for your child! We look forward to seeing them in 6th grade this fall.

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What's the Status of our High School Campus Expansion?

To hear the latest updates about our campus expansion, facility design and Early Childhood - HS academic programs for fall, please join us on Monday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm for our 2016 Future of the School presentation in the JK Stevens Commons. Among updates:

  • the athletic field and turf are completed. Stand, Lights and such are planned for this spring when the weather warms.
  • specific design for the academic building is completed incorporating the most effective, beautiful design possible
  • the building site has been prepared for construction