Demystifying Text Complexity

It's not as complicated as you think!

What is Text Complexity?

Let's take stock. What do we know? What do we think we know? What do we hope to learn?

Text Complexity: Three factors - One text

Qualitative: Levels of meaning, depth of structure, language conventionality and clarity, knowledge demands.

Quantitative: Readability measures (Lexile, Fountas & Pinnell levels, general reading levels).

Reader/Task: Variables that relate to the reader: motivation, purpose for reading, task at hand (for enjoyment or to learn a process).


School Library Monthly Feature

In November 2013, School Library Journal published a featured article by Leslie Maniotes: Demystifying Text Complexity.

Read just page one, then work with your group to write a tweet (140 characters -- or so) that summarizes the information. (You are welcome to play around with hashtags, if you choose -- and we'll even be forgiving about your character count!)

#becreative #letshavesomefun #whatisahashtag

Resources for Further Exploration

Text Complexity is the New Black

Exit Ticket:

Based on what you have learned today, what is ONE thing you can do to begin applying your understanding of text complexity to increase rigor in reading for your students?