Traveling Through Ancient Greece

Preston Beran


The government was en charge of a lot. The Athenians were inspired to rebuild by a great leader named Pericles.

Social Structure:

Temples are good examples of the Greeks talent for architecture. They often built beautiful places for the gods and goddesses rather than places to worship.


Dionysus was the god of theater and wine. Greek plays grew out of songs and dances that the Greeks performed at harvest time to honor him.


The Greeks were famous for their amazing sculptures and temples, they built them usually for the gods and goddesses. The Athenians built three temples on the acropolis to honor Athena. One of these were the Parthenon.


Had temples where gods and goddesses lived, They worshiped gods and goddesses, looked and often acted like humans but did not grow old or die.


When the Jury found Socrates guilty he sentenced him to death. In Athens, where people loved new ideas, this constant questioning got Socrates into trouble.

Stable Food Supply:

The Greeks often ate grapes, olives, corn(ect)