Water Mitty's Majestic Day Dreams

Carolyn Muench


The author uses bold contrast between reality and real life to show that he is timid, submissive and has no self confidence.

Clam 1

Firstly when the parking attendant treats him like dirt he does not do anything to stand up for himself.The attendant treats Walter like he is really stupid. Walter was so timid that all he had to say to him was gee ya. Walter was so shy that he did not stand up for himself.
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Clam 2

Secondly, when the Garage man smirks at him Walter because he could not get the chains off the tire of his car ,after a snow storm. Water feels humiliated because he could not do it. When the Garage man smirks at him he loses more of his self confidence and he is not sure of himself. Walter thinks to himself that next time he has to remove the chains that he will pretend to be injured so there is a clear reason on why he can not do it.
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Clam 3

Thirdly, Walter's wife, Mrs.Mitty is very controlling of Walter.She dictates anything that he does. For example when they are driving in the car and Walter is going 55 mph instead of going 40 like she likes she immediately tells him to slow down and he does slow down. Walter is very submissive to his wife and does whatever she wants.
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All in all Water Mitty is very timid, submissive and has a low self confidence.
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