Michaela Brinkley

Reflection of Sarah's Flipped Lesson

Part 1: Reflect on what you see

What went well in the video?

Everything went very well in this video. It was super easy to follow along, her voice was very clear and understanding, and the project was done great! Her explaining the project was awesome I feel like I wouldn't have had any questions over the project and what I am suppose to do!

What did you see that you would steal for videos in the future?

In the future whenever I am working on projects with my students I will definitely be making a video of myself doing the project before turning my students loose. It also will help by saving time and not doing my project in front of students and losing their complete interest! Videos are much better to watch and they will be able to see the project better!

What would you have done differently?

I really wouldn't have done anything differently! I loved her outline of information provided in the powerpoint and then leading into the project provided!

Part 2 : Think about student learning

Was the learning goal accomplished?

I feel that the learning goal was accomplished especially knowing the differences between warm colors and cool colors. I really like the comparison she made with cool colors reminding her of winter and being cold while warm colors reminded her of hot summer days and the sun! It connected with my schema very well!

How can the teacher take this video to the next level in the classroom?

This is a hard question to answer for me. Since she is an art major and she showed the her doing the project before hand in the video, I'm not sure how she could take it to the next level! It was a great lesson!

Was the information presented clearly and concisely?

Yes, the information was presented very clearly and concisely. Like I said before if I was a student in her classroom I would have been able to get started right away on the assignment!

What would you as a student be doing during the video?

During the video I would have been paying attention. To me art is very interesting and I love doing these projects! Sarah also kept it short and sweet and had her directions presented very nicely!