Local Foods VS Organic Foods

Which one do I Choose? Lets find out Now

Food -

any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

How do I know Which of the two topics are suitable for me and my Health?

Listen up and look below.

Organic Foods -

Organic food is grown on farms committed to environmentally friendly agricultural methods. In order to label produce as organic, these farms must meet government standards. However, when organic food travels long distances to market -- travel known as food miles -- it creates pollution that sometimes outweighs the positive environmental effects of organic farming.

Locally Grown Foods -

Food which is grown, produced and processed within 100 miles/160 kilometers of the event location. This is also like food thats can be grown in your backyard, and also bought from local neighbors/farmers


Which one should you choose?

Both styles of selling food are 100% Natural, but one of these ways of selling food defeats the purpose of protecting our environment. Organically grown food is a good idea but can be changed to become locally grown food, but then again not everyone lives 100 miles away from a farmer.


Now we can be Yoga Buddies

Since you now shop locally for your food.


How to get organic and local food easily and affordably.