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A quick note from your Instructional Coaches - 10/19/16

5 Effective Teaching Practices

  1. Smile often.
  2. Deal with students misbehavior in a private manner.
  3. Relate lessons to the lives of the students.
  4. Constantly seek to learn new and better ways to teach.
  5. Believe that all students are capable and treat them accordingly.

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Instructional Tip- Differentiation in the Classroom

  • Do you have a unit you are dissatisfied with?
  • Want some new ideas to incorporate so more of your students needs are met?

Differentiation does not need to be a complex overhaul of your units or teaching. The secret is to start small with easy to implement ideas. When you see success it will give you the confidence and motivation to add more.

Hilary and Linda can brainstorm, model, and help you implement differentiation strategies. Sarah Cooper also has much experience with differentiation and can especially help you with those top 10% of students.

Some easy ways to begin:

  • Active student engagement activities
  • Choice Assignments
  • Tiered activities or assessments
  • Assignment Scaffolding
  • Questioning Strategies promoting higher and deeper level thinking
  • Flexible grouping

Call on one of us if you have or want an idea you want to explore!

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Techie Tip

Want to give students a way to ask questions without having to speak?! A new feature in Google Slides is the "Presenter View" which allows a forum for questions for the presenter.

For example, if you're using a presentation, you click on "Present" in the upper right hand corner, then "Presenter View". You will have to hit "start new" in the next pop up window and depending on your audience, you may want to allow non-CFSchools emails to respond.

Students will see a link at the top of the presentation, where they can go to ask questions!

Andy Beland saw this in action at NETA! We would love to help you out if you're interested!