By: Sydney Cohen

Chinchillas Are Hard Work

Chinchillas are hard work mostly because their rodents, rodents are a mess but some people think that chinchillas are much nicer then bunnys or other animals. Chinchillas are about 12inches long and most of them are 18 and 20ounces when they are weighed. Now lets get into chinchillas natural predators the predators can be; skunks, wild dogs, large birds, and snakes. As a pet chinchillas would eat mostly hay and as a wild chinchilla they would mostly eat; small bugs, fruit, and plants.

Chinchillas Could Die At Any Moment If Not Treated

Herds are small social groups and its were they live. Chinchillas almost went extinct thanks to the men and woman who desired the chinchillas fur but its still rude to kill the chinchillas for the fur just you should love there playful mind. A chinchillas needs a safe home that gives the chinchilla, what every they need to do in their cage or outside the cages. NEVER let them go outside or else they will die. Chinchillas are clean and because of that they can't be in dirty cages. The females have a bare patch of skin. The males have bare patch of skin. A chinchilla needs a right home that the chinchilla won't get abuse. Most of the chinchillas were hunted down for centuries and nearly died out.