My future is so colorful

its like looking at the sunset


My main interest are paiting, photography, and singing


My brain orientation is left brain 13 and right brain 35.
My brain dominence is my right brain by 35


I like to paint, take pictures and sing in my free time. Tennis doesnt start till 9th grade, but im ganna try out for the team. I am in choir at school. I am also in honor choir. Honor Choir is where you take all the grades in all of arkansas and divide then into groups of three.
(I was in the group of 7th, 8th, and 9th) After that, they start taking in auditions. In all of Arkansas only 100 in the three grades combined make it in.

Kuder results

1. Performing arts
2. Visual arts
3. Marketing communications
4. Early childhood development and services
5. Journalism and broadcasting


1. Performing arts
2. Journalism and broadcasting
3. Marketing communications
4. Early childhood development and services
5. Governance

1. Workplace; High
2. Innovation; High
3. Accomplishment; High
4. Income; High
5. Prestige; High

future education

For my future education i would love to take Drama, Photography classes, a major art class, and a pottery class. I would also like to take a class that is only for writting, where i can express my self in writting, have fun writting, but also be able to get grades for my writting.

future career

For my future career i would like to be in Drama, a Photographer, A Singer, a Writter, an Artist, or a Pottery Thrower.
If i had to choose one of these careers, i would chose being a photographer.