Drug Problems

It needs to stop!!

The use of drugs

As you may know, drugs are a very bad thing that are becoming mildly popular in some places. It spreads like wild fire. It is a very poor choice to use any substance that is a drug unless it is authenticated by your doctor or local pharmacist. In other words, it is becoming a huge problem with teenagers across the world, and it is constantly ruining another humans life every second of the day. There needs to be a change.

Side effects of drugs.

Some of the bad side effects you can get from using drugs can be, smaller development in the brain and body, loss of short-term memory and ability to learn, lack of motivation, eating disorders, deviant behavior, and many more. Its scary how people so young can ruin a long life ahead. Their lives will be miserable and painful, and its unthinkable about how kids know they have a good life ahead of them, and they know drugs are a bad thing, but they still decide to use them.

Ways you can help prevent your self and others.

Its mind blowing on how people think this stuff is good for you, when they know its a terrible thing to do. There needs to be a game changer. The government or whatever local authorities in an area near you need to put a stop on bad things like drugs. Ways that you can prevent your self from getting tempted to try drugs can be like this. Say your the captain of the Varsity football team, best Wide Receiver in you area or district. You have a great future ahead of you. Your expected to get a Div. 1 scholarship to some of the top colleges. Remember who you are! This world has tricks and evil power that can suck you in to things you think are little but in reality, your life is at risk as you know it. You know its bad! Listen to your heart, gut, and mind. Its your decision. Say your best friend, partner in crime on the varsity team, also are one of the best players on the team. Same scenario, but your friend is in danger. Your best friend after football practice got offered drugs, and he took some. At that moment, its your turn to be the hero and stop him and save his life, and your friendship.

You can make a change

People with the right mind set and heart have the right mind set and are able to stop a huge problem if you put your mind and actions to it. Its not hard. You just have to believe in yourself. I challenge anyone who reads this to take action in this problem. If you have friend who does drugs, tell them to stop! You know the right decision.