Death of Marilyn Monroe

By: Shelby Howard

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Who What When Where Why

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5th 1962. She died from an overdose on drugs. She died in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA.
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Perspective #1:

They thought she took pills for her depression and she overdosed.The reason they thought that she overdosed was because they found an empty pill bottle next to the bed. The pills were littered all around her room. The cause of her doing it was a sedative drug and that was known as suicide. She had her phone in her hand
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Perspective #2

The second reason they think that Marilyn Monroe died was that she and JFK were having an affair. Marilyn ended up getting pregnant but she didn't want to tell anyone because she was afraid that they would be after her and her baby. She had her baby in secret and hid her away as soon as she was born. She gave her up for adoption but then they got a hold of her birth certificate that indeed proved that her mom was Marilyn Monroe
"She Is The Daughter of Marilyn Monroe & JFK" - California Woman Claims.
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Bias by headline

The reason it is bias by headline is because they try and blame the drugs for killing her. She was the one who took to many pills the pills didn't just jump into her mouth. She was trying to hid the fact that she possibly had an affair with JFK. Also, it took her putting them in her mouth they didn't asked to be taken. They were not forcing her to take them she willingly took them.