A Christmas Carol Play

By Charles Dickens

Why you should watch A Christmas Carol Play...

A Christmas Carol play by Charles Dickens gives you a whole new view on the story, there's even some added details that make the story even more interesting. One of the reasons why you should watch the play, is that the whole cast has beautiful costumes that help you understand which character is which. Also, the wigs and hair really add to the '1800s style' of the play. Another reason why you should watch the play, is that it's really fun and interesting to watch the crew transition from one scene to the next. They even use trapdoors and pulleys to move props AND people. The third and final reason why you should see the play, is because you get to compare what you know from the book with how the directors viewed the story and put it to life. The directors even added new characters and details to add character to the play and to also make it more interesting to watch. I think that the play is an overall great experience and it's very entertaining and fun to watch. You will most certainly have a great time!

Sacrifices Made

One sacrifice that Scrooge had to make in A Christmas Carol, was when he gave his money to the poor on Christmas Day. This was a sacrifice for Scrooge because he had spent his whole life saving and and keeping money to himself, and suddenly he just got up and gave a lot away. A sacrifice that I had to make was when my birthday came around and instead of celebrating, I went to the hospital to visit my grandma who is very sick with cancer.