Culture of Lasotho

The People

Lesotho has a population of 1.9 million and is growing at a annual rate of 0.14 percent. The national language is Sesotho. The people are called Basotho (group) or Masotho (single person). There one fifth of the populatiin lives in urban areas and the rest live in rural areas. About 37 percent of the people living there are under the age of 15.


Usually people - after shaking hands - greet eachother by saying either Lumela (hello) or Khotso (peace be with you). Ususally they also say nice things about one anothers families. Personal space tends to be very close. When they say goodbye they either say Sala hantle (stay well) or Tsamaena hantle (go well).

Life Styles

Their diet mainly consists of rice, potatos, vegtables and some fruits. Soccer is the most popular sport but volleyball is often played also. Straw mokorotlo hats are very popular and great gifts. Before marrage the groom must give the brides family either money of cattle.