This Friday - March 18th

Tickets Are Going Fast!

We were able to secure more tickets and transportation to make sure everyone can partake in the festivities but make sure you buy your ticket soon! Tickets are available 12:10pm-1:05pm at Sorelle's and 5pm-6pm in front of the forum! Tickets cost only $5 and all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House Charity! Come get your ticket tomorrow or Friday at the latest! We have the entire BRAND NEW facility reserved for your entertainment!

GREAT PLACE TO WATCH MARCH MADNESS COLLEGE HOOPS...I think Naz got a 16th seed, not sure.

Up All Night

Friday, March 18th, 10pm-2am

15 Miracle Mile Drive

Rochester, NY

Transportation is $free.99 and the bus driver has even volunteered to be the designated driver so you and your friends are all set there! The Buses departs at 9:30pm outside of Shults.
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