Updates from the West

News for April 8-12

This Week...

Monday, April 8
Third Grade Team Meeting (South)
9:30 - DC Eligibility (Joos, Bertram, Rummel)
7:00 - Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, April 9
Rummel Out - Sick Calls to Dale
Fourth Grade Team Meeting (West)
2:20 - Faculty Meeting
6:30 - PTO Meeting

Wednesday, April 10
7:00 - SILT
2:20 - Problem Solving SG (Groezinger, Rummel, Higgins, Nesby, Swartzendruber)
2:40 - Problem Solving KL (Brand, Bohne, Rummel, Higgins, Nesby, Yarcho)

Thursday, April 11
Fifth Grade Team Meeting (North)
5-7 pm - Kindergarten Registration/PreK Family Event

Friday, April 12
Relay Fundraiser Day - Cash for the Cure
GRASP Forms due to Unit Office
2:00 - GS IEP (Nelson, Bertram, Yarcho, Rummel)

Upcoming Dates
April 16 - Grades K & 1 lesson with Gracie
8:10 - Kindergarten
8:45 - Steiger
9:20 - Brand
April 16 - PLC/Faculty Meeting
April 17 - JI Problem Solving Initial (Yarcho)
April 18 - OMS Band Performs (9:00 am)
April 19 - DARE Fieldtrip 5th Grade
April 19 - IPA Faculty Recognition
April 19 - HM Eligibility (7:30 - Boznos, Render, Rummel, HIggins, Nesby)
April 19 - K12 Applications Due
April 22 - Mr. Walsh visits 5th
April 23 - Grades 2-3 Lessons with Gracie (8:10 - Second; 9:00 Third)
April 26 - Relay Recess
April 26 - Progress Reports
April 26 - School Supply Kit Orders Due
April 29-May 10 - DIBELS
April 30 - Grades 4-5 Lessons with Gracie (8:10 Johanson; 8:45 Belton; 9:20 - Fourth)
May 1 - 5th to OMS (9:00)
May 1 - Spelling Bee (1:00)
May 2 - Ag Day
May 3 - Fourth Grade Field Trip
May 6-7 - Book Fair BOGO - No preview day...
May 8 - Field Day
May 10 - Volunteer Reception (12:30)
May 16 - Awards Assembly (8:30)
May 16 - Kindergarten Field trip
May 17 - Last Full Day of Student Attendance

Staying in the Know...

Something Fun - I've collected several pictures. Don't miss out! Get your picture in. Those submitting pictures will earn points for submitting. Points go towards the game. Pictures due Tuesday. (District Goal 3, Working Environment)

Certificate to License - Check your ECS account and make sure everything is accurate (e.g., degree) and then print off all your professional development. It will not transfer to the new system!!

Connect to the Core - Looking for real life applications? Have your students write articles for the website.

Master Schedule - I'll begin working on a draft master schedule shortly. Please let me know if any changes you'd like for your grade level, or if there is anything you'd like me to keep in mind when creating the schedule by Friday, April 12th. I hope to have a draft schedule available at the May faculty meeting.

Supervision - As we move into the last few weeks of school, it is more than important than ever that students are closely supervised. Thank you for being mindful of this important responsibility and ensuring our students are safe.

Aide Evaluations - Please schedule a time to meet with me to review your evaluation.

Goal Assessment - One of my professional goals for this year was to demonstrate an increase in alignment to common core. Next week I'll be visiting classrooms specifically looking for lessons that are aligned to common core and not the old Illinois State Learning Standards.

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257 cell: 309-261-1486
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263