Technology Class


You can make awesome videos.

Once you make the videos you can edit them to make the video how you want.

After you are completely done you can share them with people.


On iTrailer you choose a theme and then make a trailer with the theme.

With iTrailer you can make awesome movie trailers.

In iTrailer you can put in pictures and little video clips.

Haiku Deck

It is a slideshow presentation.

The only picture you get to put on a slide is the background.

You can share it with people after you are done with it.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything you get to create slides and draw or type whatever you want.

You can also talk while sliding through the slides explaining.

While talking you can draw to show what you are talking about.

Go Animate

In Go Animate you can make an animation video.

The people can talk but only one person per scene.

You can make the people walk as well as dancing and lots of other stuff.