The Egyptian sun God


Ra was considered the most important God of the Egyptians. Ra was believed to be the god who created everything. During the creation of the Earth, Ra had four children. Shu and Tefnut were his two daughters, the Godesses that together made the atmosphere. Shu making up the air and Tefnut making up moisture. His sons became Gods. Geb was the God of Earth and Nut the God of the sky.


Ra has been considered the most important God to Egyptian culture. Ra was depicted as a human with a hawk or falcon head. Above his head is a sphere that was meant to represent the sun. At night it was believe that Ra transformed into a human with a ram head and stayed in the underworld. Ra was the representation of everything to do with the sun; sunlight, warmth and growth were the most common.
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Ra was believed to sail cross the sky or heavens in his boat call the "Braque of Millions of years" throughout the day. At the end of the day Ra was believed to be swallowed by Nut. During this period of death Ra would sail the underworld to be reborn each morning.

Apep: The Lord of Chaos

The Lord of Chaos often depicted as an evil serpent is Ra`s greatest enemy. He is the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction. His goal was to disturb the travels of Ra. It was believed that Apep lived in the waters of Nun or the Nile and awaited Ra each day. Ra was depicted as a cat that defended the people against Apep, this is one of the reasons cats are a large part of Egyptian culture.

The legend of Ra, Isis and the Snake

Ra had a secret name that was believed to have the source of all his power. Isis realizing Ra's older age wanted the power. Ra in his old age tended to drool. Isis mixed the drool and dirt to form clay. With this clay Isis made a snake, and with her powers the snake turned real. This snake was sent to poison Ra. Ra after being bit had never felt the immense pain the snake inflicted. After begging for help to relieve the pain, Isis states she will help in exchange for his name. Ra falling ill agrees and is cured, but his name is transferred to Isis body through the name operation.

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