by: karsyn thomas

Paul Mitchell

In this school i will be going to the cosmetology program. For this school the hours you need to graduate with is 1500 hours. With it just being hours you could graduate at your own time, you could come in early or work late and that will give you hours to graduate or you could just do it 2 times a week and make it take longer but most of the time it takes about a year then you take you certification text to get your licences.


Paul Mitchell already has your classes planned out into 4 stages. level 1(stage 1) is core. in core you learn about cutting, color,texture,styling,skin,and work on mannequin and they have all different hair types with the mannequin heads so you don't have to work on real people yet. level 2(stage 2) is adaptive. in this stage your in a classroom learning all the fundamentals and also you are doing that in core. you also start doing live model so yo could get actual clients. level 3(stage 3) is creative. in this course you prepare to become "salon ready" by working more independently at a place and in conditions that are similar to those in a salon. the last one is phase 2(the last stage). the last course or class you receive advanced training and work in conditions that mimic salon ready. after you finish this you are good to take your certification test.

this is a peek of the inside of Paul Mitchell


It depends on what your career is and what it is if your a makeup artist you could get less than a makeup artist that does a actor or actress makeups. (same with hairstylist) when your in school you can get payed if they tip you if not then you don't get payed.

Cost Of The School

Tuition: $16,500.00

Application Fee (nonrefundable): $100.00

Sales Tax: $208.00

Kit, Equipment, Textbook, Supplies (nonrefundable):$2,600.00

Drop Fee: $100.00