Inventions made by the people of the Greatest Generation

Inventions of the Greatest Generation


Colossus was the first elrectrical, digital computer that was used during WW2. It was built to break enemy codes and gather vaulable information aboutthe enemy. It was unfortunatly destoryed to keep the project a secret, but then put back together to try and recreate the real creation.

Duct Tape

Duct tape was first invented in the 1942 to try and keep moisture out or ammunition cases. It then became popular when normal people foud the different uses for it in the 1970's and soon after that it became a regular household product.

Color TV

The first color tv was made in 1953 and was used as a commercial brodcasting system. It has since then become extreamly popular and now, in modern America, every TV made is made with color TV.


The microwave oven, suprisingly was not origionally invented to cook food. In fact, during WWII, scientists invented it to spot enemy planes in the sky. Only by accident was it found to cook food very quickly and easily.


The mold Penicillin Notatum was proven to be a ruthlessly effective killer of bacteria by wartime scientist Howard Florey in 1939, proving the research made by Ernest Duchesne in 1889.

The V2 Rocket

Designed by Werner von Braun as a missle payload delivery system for the Nazis, the V2 was a monumental improvement over the V1, and would go down in history as one of the deadliest ballistic missle systems in the history of modern war. The V2 would also be used to launch the first satellites into space, giving rise to the Space Race of the 1950s and 60s.

Nuclear Technology

The greatest advancement in global technology of the era was undoubtedly the advent of nuclear power. The quest to create the atomic bomb required years of research and thousands of hours of manpower, which finaly came to fruition with the first successful nuclear test in 1945. Nuclear power would go on to end the war virtually overnight, and provide electricity to millions of homes in peacetime.