Kindergarten - October 12-16, 2015

F. L. Moffett Primary Library

Monday - October 12, 2015

In the library this month, we are celebrating several things.

Look at the welcome board for some of them.

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Tuesday - October 13, 2015

Since school started, Kindergarten has gone on local field trips to the Fire Station, the nursing homes to practice singing and to the Poultry Festival. They also went to the zoo in Lufkin, TX.
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Wednesday - October 14, 2015

October is International Drum Month. We have some real drums in the library.

Thursday - October 15, 2015

National Apple Month is celebrated this month.

We are reading the book, "How to Make An Apple Pie and see the world" by Marjorie Priceman. It is about a young girl and where she travels to get the ingredients for an apple pie when her market is closed. There is a really neat map in the front and back of the book with grid lines.

Friday - October 16, 2015

Winners of the 1st Six Weeks Lunch in the Library contest are the classes of Ms. Araiza and Ms. Fitzgerald.

This week we heard the story of the star inside of the apple.