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Thank You Parents

The success of what I do and what the students learn is in direct correlation to the support you give your child. Thank you parents for supporting me and the Guidance and Counseling Department. Only together could we have had such a successful Fall Semester.

This Fall 2019 we participated in: Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness Week), Dia de Los Muertos (Cultural Awareness), College Week, STEM Night (Painted Rocks), Monarch Gardening and had our first Character Award Assembly. Fifth Graders were busy learning about Middle School, and still continue to do so. In guidance classes we discussed concepts of managing our emotions, understanding different cultures, having gratitude, accepting ourselves and others with all our faults and disabilities, and appreciating what we do have.

SEL: What is it?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process that helps students understand and regulate their emotions, understand different points of view and show empathy toward others, and develop intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. Many believe these skills contribute to safer and more positive school and community.

This year's guidance lessons have focused on SEL by utilizing various books and videos. The skills taught during weekly guidance classes and reinforced by the classroom teacher are: intrapersonal relationships (self-awareness), interpersonal relationships (social-awareness), and personal health & safety (responsible decision making).

It is my hope that by providing students with SEL knowledge and skills students will learn to regulate their emotions, build resilience to stress and challenges, make responsible decisions, collaborate well with others, and empathize and communicate effectively with their peers; which are all skills needed to live a healthy and productive life.

If you are interested in further information on SEL or the guidance lessons provided in your student's class, please contact me.

Middle School Course Selections Complete

Middle School course selection for all current 5th Graders enrolled in Northside ISD began in December 2019 and is now complete.

Please note, during weekly guidance lessons students have been learning about the many course options available to them: the Fine Art Elective choices, Dance versus PE, and the Pre-Advance Placement (Pre-AP) courses. Current academic performance and teacher input is taken into consideration for Pre-AP course selection. Students also had the opportunity to take a campus tour of Connally MS during school and get a true experience of what middle school is like.

If you have any questions regarding your future Middle Schooler's courses please feel free to contact me.


If you need information on a specific topic or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to direct you to those who can provide services or resources which could be of assistance or support.
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