Southern Charmers Monthly News

September 2012


Team Growth:We added 9 new designers to our team in August!
Holly Schanks
Maureen Paynter
Pamela Kupfner
LaDonna Horne
Carrie Jones
Debbie Epperson
Heather Stults
Kim Miller
Rebecca Corvin

Team Sales:Our Team Sales for the month of August was $20,168.54! Woo hoo! Keep up the great work everyone!

Top Personal Sales for August:
#1 - Sonya Clark $2510.01
#2 - Nicki Ownby $2068.38
#3 - Pamela Kupfner $2005.95
#4 - Amy Warren $1792.34
#5 - Jennifer Booher $1570.62
#6 - Maureen Paynter $1507.05
#7 - Jennifer Trotter $1309.30
#8 - Kristi Bedwell $1128.43
#9 - Beth Mitchell $1071.45
#10 - Stacey Philbrick $1047.30

Top Mentors for August:
Kelley Poff (1)
Kelli Sprout (1)
Susan Watts (1)
Kristi Bedwell (1)
Sonya Clark (1)
Stacey Philbrick (1)
Sarah Clevenger (1)

Hostess Coaching & Rewards Program

Origami Owl has provided us with some great Hostess Coaching tools to help build a relationship with your hostess and work with her to help make your party a success! View the Hostess Coaching Webinar and review/use the Coaching for Success Document & Checklist.

Of course, your hostesses love to know what's in it for them too, so be sure to become familiar with new Hostess Rewards Program by watching the webinar.

They have also created certificates for us to use.
30% Off Gift Certificate, $25 Hostess Rewards Booking Bonus and $50 Hostess Rewards Booking Bonus.

Business Cards

Origami Owl is focused on branding. Their goal is to make Origami Owl a household name!

So to ensure to make our brand well known, we are required to purchase our business cards from Origami Owl's preferred supplier:

The process is easy:

1. Visit the following link:

2. Under “Select Your Product”, click on the image of the business card.

3. Under “Select Front Side”, select the design that you like best.

4. Under “Select Back Side”, select the design provided.

5. Then, enter the details you would like to print on your business cards by selecting “Edit Text” to the right of each line (name, title (please use “Independent Designer”), phone, email + website). Be sure to select “Save” after each entry.

6. Next, select your print quantity (available in increments of 250, 500, 1,000 or 5,000).

7. Then select “Proceed to Review and Shipping”.

Should you need assistance, or have any questions regarding your order, you can contact the printer directly via email at

What Will Be Your Focus?

We all have different factors that influence our life and therefore the time that we have to spend on our Origami Owl business. Because this varies from person to person it's a difficult task to give "general" advice. Instead I think there are important questions you can ask yourself as you decide what your focus will be and what goals YOU want to achieve with your business!

What do you classify yourself as?

  1. Discount buyers – These direct sellers are mainly interested in buying products they use and love at a discount. In most cases, these sellers place regular orders for their own use and do not actively sell to or recruit others. Some companies have a special category of representatives for these consumers – often called preferred customers or discount buyers.
  2. Goal seekers – These sellers have a specific, short-term goal to reach. Goal seekers may wish to earn extra money for a family vacation or to replace a broken appliance. Often, after they have achieved their initial goal, sellers in this category will decide to continue their direct selling business because they enjoy the supplemental income. However, in many cases, goal seekers will drop out after having achieved their goal, and then rejoin when they have another short-term goal in mind.
  3. Part-time – These individuals are looking for supplemental income and are more likely to continue with the business for an extended period than the “goal seekers.” They are looking for a steady flow of extra income, often a modest amount such as $200 per month, and will likely spend less than 10 hours per week on their business.
  4. Social contact – The primary motivation for sellers in this group is to meet new people and expand their social circle. They may or may not be interested in earning supplemental income, but are very interested in the opportunity to meet a wide range of individuals through their selling efforts.
  5. Recognition – Sellers in this group love to receive recognition for their achievements and find that element of direct selling to be extremely appealing. It would be difficult to find a traditional workplace that rewards achievements as regularly or as publicly as direct selling. For individuals who enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments, this is an important motivator.
  6. Product advocates – Like discount buyers, this group of sellers uses and loves the products and services they sell. However, they also want to share that passion with others. Promoting and selling the product or service is very fulfilling to them because they believe in the benefits of that which they are selling so strongly that they want to share that with others who might find similar benefit.
  7. Entrepreneurs – This group is looking for a full-time business. These sellers will dedicate 30+ hours per week to building their business and will often be active recruiters. They generally enjoy the opportunity to train and motivate others and consider their direct selling activities to be a career.

Which are you?

Once you make a decision on how you want to approach your then need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • 1. What type of income are you looking for with Origami Owl?
  • 2. How much time do you have to spend on your Origami Owl business?
  • 3. How much money do you have to invest in your Origami Owl business?

Being honest with your time, financial situation and commitment will provide you with a map on how to move forward with your business. Get your map outlined....share with your mentor or myself and we can then focus on a game plan and get to work!

*There is also a SMART Goals worksheet provided by O2 to get you started on creating your goals.

September Dates to Remember

September 11th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {FLIGHT SCHOOL} - See back office for link to register.

September 18th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {LEADERSHIP CONNECTION} - See back office for link to register.

September 25th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {BUSINESS BUILDER} - See back office for link to register.

September 28-29th - Fall In Love with Origami Owl Event & Fall Product Launch in Chandler, AZ.

September 30th, 11:59 EST - End of Month for Volume Sales to earn Hoot Loot and Leadership Bonus