Diane Calka

Diane Calka – A Self-Employed Pet Sitter In Stamford, CT

Diane Calka – A Self-Employed Pet Sitter In Stamford, Connecticut

Diane Calka is a self-employed pet sitter based in Stamford, Connecticut. For the past more than eight years, she has been successfully running her petsitting business by the name – “Your Pets My Passion”. Owing to her hands-on pet care knowledge and extensive experience as a pet sitter, she is widely sought after by a number of pet owners in Stamford.

Being a self-employed professional, Diane Calka single-handedly manages an array of tasks. Right from reviewing the financial statements for discrepancies, sale trends, and productivity to analyzing reports to determine areas that need cost reduction and marketin; she takes care of several aspects of her business. In addition to these tasks, she exercises full responsible for pet care and safety; coordinates dog walking and pet sitting schedules, completes the paper work, collects fees, as well as, reconcile accounts.

Diane Calka has worked in a variety of environments, including private, doggie day camp, retail, and even hospital setting. Working in different environments has not only helped in improving her knowledge about pet care, but also in developing good people relations skills and the ability to handle heavy administrative responsibilities. From 2008 to 2011, Diane worked as a Client Service Representative for Petsmart, a reputed store in Stamford known for providing the best pet supplies and services. Her job responsibilities in Petsmart included answering customer phone calls, coordinating dog/cat boarding and doggie day camp schedules, etc. She also walked, fed, exercised and groomed pets staying at the pet hotel. Calka's experience in the field of pet care also includes working as a Customer Svc. Representative in Bull's Head Pet Hospital and as a Day Care Coordinator in Bandilane Canine Center.

Being an animal lover, Diane Calka enoyed every role she played in different companies. Although she has many tasks pertaining to her pet care business that keep her busy at the moment, still she manages to take out time for her hobbies as well as some charity work. In free time, she likes to ride her scooter and bike, play flute, & spend time with her dogs. She is a fitness freak and makes sure to work out everyday and go for for long walks. She is also a humanitarian and believes in making an active effort for the betterment of not only the humankind, but also animals. She has been a supporter of many organizations that strive for human welfare. In addition to this, she has volunteered with SCATS and PAWS, both of which are animal organizations.