Miss W's Class News

3/23 - 3/27

Happy First Week of Spring!

Although it may not feel like it the first official day of spring was Friday the 20th. We had a fun but long winter in room 14. I think we are all ready for some nice weather! A lot will be changing in our classroom in April. New art projects to display, new assigned seats, a new science unit, and a few surprises will be on the way soon! Get ready for a lot more fun, 1st grade!

Watch as these spring flowers bloom right before your eyes!

Timelapse SPRING AWAKENING blooming flowers, growing plants. David Attenborough's opinion

New science unit

Last marking period, we learned about the differences between living and nonliving things. We focused on the characteristics of living things. Our new unit leads us to explore the characteristics of living things, which is very fitting for spring!

Spelling Lists for April

Here is the link to the Google Doc of the spelling lists for the month of April! Please spend time with your children on the words every day as is possible.

(Weeks: 3/30 - 5/1) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dDbUh5VzxdQmZfa0SsXYa_QPMwZ00oUXswuS336fiBM/edit


Our Easter party will be April 2nd! I am in need of at least one parent who can help organize and run the party with me and others who can bring in snacks. There is the link to the sign-up sheet at the bottom. If each family can sign up for one thing, we should be set! Any and all help is appreciated.