The Story Of Rosa parks

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.There were no more seats on the bus for the white people to seat on the the bus diver told her to get up and let the white person sit down because there wasn't no more seats in the whites section. She refused to get up because she just had a long hard day at work and her feet was hurting so the bus driver called the police and they arrested her.

'Mother of the civil rights movement."

. Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913. Rosa Parks was known for her "Mother of the civil rights movement." Her action helped bring about the civil rights movement in the United States. She allowed the leaders to use her arrest to spark a boycott of the bus system. She made other not afraid to stand up for themselves. She became one of the first women to join the Montgomery chapter of National Association for Advancement of Colored People.Rosa parks story went far.

Rosa Parks is the reason why we can get on the bus and seat where ever we want without having the bus driver tell us to get up because there are no more seats in the section that the whites are sitting in.she had a very impact on my life and I respect her for that. Till this day she is a legend she still lives on to this day.