Expecting Mothers

Everything You Neeeded To Know!


You have taken the first step in becoming a parent. Below are a few things that will help you better understand what is occurring within you and some tips on healthy foods, unhealthy habits, and how the father can get involved.

Diet and Nutrition

The right foods and nutrients are extremely important in the development of a baby. They provide the fuel for the elements of life.

Sources of protein include: milk, cheese, eggs, fish, poultry

Sources of carbohydrates include: fruit, vegetables, bread, baked potatoes

Sources of iron include: dried fruits, spinach, red meat

Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and smoking are extremely dangerous to your baby's health. They alter the body's natural chemistry. Drinking can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. The symptoms include mental disabilities, premature birth, central nervous system abnormalities, short attention spans, and behavioral disorders. Smoking can cause delays in cognitive, social, and emotional developments. They also experience a higher risk of miscarriages. A mother should treat her body as a temple especially when carrying a baby.

How the father can help

It is important for the father to be there and support their significant other and baby throughout the whole pregnancy. Some suggestions of what a father can do include attending classes, motivating the mother to stay healthy, exercise, and take care of herself, talk to your child, and be prepared to take on all the responsibilities when they are born.